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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Social Media and other shenanigans

This last week has been a crazy one. First of all, I can't believe its taken me so long to get organized - where do the hours go? My creative brain has been spinning itself into a frenzy but I've barely been able to get anything down on paper. I've finished one painting in my head, but I haven't put a speck of paint on the canvas. It is so frustrating.

Secondly, although I think I have everything sorted on the social media front, I'm not so sure - but goodness me doesn't it all take time

My day seems to start off with checking emails, then looking at my etsy store.

Then I need to check my personal Facebook page and reply to any messages from friends, then I check the Edith & Elizabeth fan page and leave messages for anyone who has been kind enough to fan or leave messages.

And there's Twitter. To tweet or not to tweet that should be the question. How many times should I tweet in a day? I don't bother reading other people's tweets if there are too many, so how many is too many?

By the time I've done all this I'm sure that, if there aren't jobs Social Media Manager jobs out there already, there soon will be! It's a full time job.

By the time I've done all this its almost lunchtime and I still need to go to the store and I STILL haven't got my ideas out of my head!

Why do I feel so disorganized. I was an Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive of a major Television company, I am sure I was better organized back then!

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I need to refocus, not get waylaid reading comments on Facebook and Twitter and get creating. If only I had someone to twitterbook or Facetweet for me, then I could paint to my heart's content. If only ......


  1. I definitely agree that keeping up with social media can be a full time assignment. Who would have time for a life with anything to report about! If I was younger and looking for a career Social Media Manager might be on my list. I was born before the computer on every desk era, not to mention being electronically connected at every step. Yet it amazes me there are those who still don't have cell phones. Interesting times.

  2. The social media stuff is time consuming. I recently read an article where it was suggested that time spent on sms be limited to 15 minutes a day. If only.
    I rotate everything except email and facebook. Copy posts and images to all the sites they need to go on at one time, and then try to stop stressing.
    In the end analysis, no matter how much or how little you do, your web presence grows with a regular routine.
    The thing is to make the stuff work for you, so you have more time to do your work. Easier said than done.