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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painting for fun

My art teacher was a grumpy old sod. Mr Gollidge was his name and he would terrify the kids by slamming a really long ruler down on their desks. He didn't scare me though, I thought he was great and I was happiest in the sixth form art rooms at school. the smell of the paints, the colours everywhere and the opportunity to just get stuck in and "create" something, it didn't matter what!

I could never paint as well as other people in my art class, I was always better at sketching but I REALLY wanted to be able to paint. I was too self-conscious to be able to paint well.

My husband is great at painting, he sees something in his mind and it just comes out on the canvas. Not me though, I have to plan it out, sketch it out and then transfer it to canvas and then paint. It becomes a little like painting by numbers I guess, but I love how they turn out.

This painting is a custom request on etsy for some artwork for a little girl's room. I love it and I'm thinking of painting a smaller one for myself.

I'm guessing that my school report from Mr Gollidge would say, A for effort. Jane is a nice girl who needs to let herself go and be confident with a brush lol


  1. Better that than "she talks too much"! It has worked for me in all my jobs to be talkative. It looks to me as though you are way more talented than you think you are; isn't that the case for most of us? Keep up the great works. Molly

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  3. Wow - so this is where you're hanging out :) Love the painting... have you ever tried printing them onto fabric?